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     Ellicott City is no stranger to flooding — the mill town has had at least 18 major floods since it started recording them in 1789. On a Saturday night in July 2016, thunderstorms dropped six inches of rain, triggering a flash flood that sadly killed two people and decimated the town. Park Ridge Trading Company was destroyed by 6 feet of muddy, rushing water. 

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     Donna and Julia, along with the help of countless volunteers, dug out, cleaned up, and rebuilt – opening in a temporary location through the 2016 holiday season. Park Ridge Trading Company officially reopened in its home location in February 2017. 

     On May 27, 2018, there was another “1,000-year storm”. On that day, thunderstorms dumped more than eight inches of rain in just three hours, sending water crashing down the hill. The resulting flash flood once again devastated the historic town, the store, and killed Eddison “Eddie” Hermond, a Maryland Army National Guardsman who was swept away trying to rescue a woman trapped by the floodwaters.

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     Supported by the amazing community around them, Donna and Julia again “mucked out” and rebuilt. Park Ridge Trading Company had a temporary location during the 2018 holiday season, reopening once again at 8080 Main Street in March 2019. 

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