Something Spicy Collection

  • Roasted Chili and Espresso, Sazon Seasoning, Mighty Pig Spice.

  • Mighty Pig Wing Blend: This spicy blend of peppers (cayenne, black, red) and savory spices (onion, garlic) brings both heat and flavor to your chicken wings and pork spareribs.  Combine the contents with two cups of tomato sauce to create a taste sensation that will prove pigs can truly fly.

    Contents:  Salt, cayenne pepper, garlic, red pepper, black pepper, onion, paprika and other herbs and spices.  

    Sazon Blend:  Sazon is a classic blend that simply translates to "seasoning" and is an all-purpose seasoning salt used in many Spanish inspired dishes.  Great on beef, chicken or pork or use it to add zest to your potato or pasta salads or roasted vegetables.

    Contents:  Garlic, salt, paprika, onion, black pepper, msg, soybean oil and other herbs and spices.

    Roasted Chilies & Espresso Rub:  The smoky heat of the chilies is a perfect match with the rich deep notes of espresso in this versatile rub.  Excellent on steaks or add to your sauces or chili dishes.

    Contents:  Black pepper, cumin, smoked salt, roasted cocoa, chipotle chilies, brown sugar, espresso beans, mustard, coriander and other herbs and spices.